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Featuring Type A grey lavender jadeite beads (8mm) with petite shell flower, 18K gold-plated earring posts and fittings. These earrings present a captivating design, featuring a starburst motif encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconia at the post, lending a radiant touch. Suspended from this glittering focal point is a delicate ring, from which a jade bead is dangled, accompanied by a petite floral accent. The jade's soft hue contrasts beautifully with the warmth of the gold tones and the brilliance of the crystals, creating an accessory that's both fresh and classic. This piece is a blend of nature-inspired elements and luxurious detailing, perfect for adding a sophisticated flourish to any outfit.

Only Type A Jadeite pieces, i.e. untreated jadeite in their most natural form, are used for our products. This means that there might be slight variations in colours, shapes and sizes, which makes each jewellery piece unique!

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