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Itching to get a piece that is uniquely yours? Speak to us on Instagram or Here are some quick steps to get you started on the creation of your bespoke piece! 


Decide which type of accessory you wish to customise. Would you like to create a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings? 


Is there any theme you have in mind - Minimalistic, Floral, Vintage, Cosmic, Princess, Beach, etc. These theme ideas will shape the colour palette, the type of jadeite centrepiece, fillers (pearls, crystals, etc), goldware fittings and embellishments that we will use to build your special piece! 


Here are some key components of your piece that we need to decide: 

1)  Jadeite Centrepiece 

Looking for jadeite donuts, beads, tear drops, barrels or other unique shapes? Time to select the jadeite colour you prefer too - Would you like Emerald / Green / White / Lavender Jadeite? 

2)  Accompanying fillers 

Once you have your centrepiece decided, it's time to choose your fillers. Would you like your centrepiece to be accompanied by other jade pieces, pearls or crystals? 

3) Goldware & Embellishments 

Choose a charm or other embellishments - chain, connector beads, that you wish to include in your piece! 

4) Structural Elements
Now that you have your key ingredients ready, it's time to assemble them!  Some additional things that you would need to think about includes the length (E.g. Would it be a pair of earrings with long or short dangle? Would it be a choker or long necklace?), placement of charms, etc. 


Came across pieces that serve as inspiration of your desired pieces? Send them to us so that we can use them as a base to discuss your bespoke piece!  

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